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Structure: The Emole Group structure, membership and size reflect our working goal to become a pioneering new model for contracting leading-edge Accounting, Audit, Taxation, Forensics and related Business Intelligence services cost-effectively with minimal disruption and maximum value addition.

Lean Operations: With flexible on-site vs. remote work capability, our competitive edge rests in the versatility of agile team constitution and bespoke services we tailor cost-effectively and time-consciously. Each fully equipped business unit mobilises its expertise and resources to exceed client expectations.

Subject Matter Expertise: Distinguished Advisors within both subsidiaries retain multiple decades of collective expertise in successfully serving most industries, and have completed numerous successful assignments on behalf of Big Four multinational banking and auditing clients.

Governance & Training: Our Advisors serve long tenures and are members of international professional bodies guiding their professional development. We invest in Continuing Professional Development and talent development from within as our pledge, to deliver consistent world-class services.

Performance: Each Advisor commits to service excellence, providing territory- and industry-specific insights into unique business systems and dynamics, with advanced project life cycle management skills.

Team Work: Each client gains access to working teams and the Partners / Directors, who act as Key Persons stewarding quality review and assurance on time, capital and human resource allocation ROI.

Annual Student Internships: We offer sought-after internships each year to students on their journey to becoming Chartered / Certified / Public Accountants | General Accountants & Bookkeepers | Accounting Technicians | Internal / IT / Forensic Auditors / Investigators | Chartered Secretaries & Administrators.