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Client management

Our client partnership model revolves around identification and placement of critical stepping stones to direct each customer on the road to successful achievement of their unique interests, needs and goals. We excel in producing critical independent findings with recommendations, which we can implement shoulder-to-shoulder or autonomously, depending on the client’s operational and executive capabilities.

Step 1 – Free Consultation: Electronic or in-person interview to determine the nature of business, scope of work and requirements. We provide fee-based options for hourly consultation or contract commitments, with proposed timelines, service level agreements and fees. Based on the client’s decision, we provide a request for exact documentation to provide at the next meeting, before which the contract will be set up and signed.

Step 2 – Analysis: On commencement, the process of enquiry and investigation starts, with our bespoke systems and processes geared to save both parties time and money. Information-gathering occurs by expert interview, with minimal online questionnaires or document search and provision.

Step 3 – Recommendation: With critical information gathered, we get to work, producing an inclusive report offsetting client status quo against vision and recommending actions to achieve goals. In the semi-final collaboration, we agree on deliverables, a timeline and implementation schedule – discussing collective and individual areas of expertise, and assigning respective duties for project success.

Step 4 – Follow-up: We monitor and evaluate clients’ operating, market and macro-economic climates in ongoing engagements – proactively suggesting review and adaptation during periods of swift-shifting change, necessitating deliberate action to maintain organisational continuity and financial success.