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Established to help companies develop ethical, sustainable businesses that help the continent to thrive, Emole Forensics nurtures contextual excellence in business practices through proactive risk sensitisation. As an award-winning and industry-leading outsourced forensic solutions and strategic services provider, we earn ongoing kudos for our quality of output, high success rates and consistent professional integrity.
We assist organisations in securing profitable growth by probing economic crimes to successful prosecution, leading complex disciplinary investigations, remediation and regulatory-driven analytics for large-scale operations across Southern and Central Africa. Our forensic accounting, investigative consulting, fraud examination, litigation support and IT audit services accurately discover and define hidden business value.
Our technically astute, multi-disciplinary teams work across global platforms to assist multinational and local clients in the timely and ordered conquest of operational challenges. By proactively identifying responses to material issues, we institute appropriate measures to limit business, reputational and regulatory risks, with minimal business disruption and full confidentiality.
We excel in non-disruptive data gathering and analysis, inspecting and resolving complex accounting and reporting issues arising from unusual and rare business scenarios, persuasive report presentation, and issues resolution that endures judicial scrutiny.
Our three core service areas are Compliance | Forensics | Intelligence, each with multiple sub-disciplines:

Fraud Examination & Investigations: We obtain and examine various sources for evidence, determine how crimes were committed, quantify the actual and potential losses stemming from incidents, and identify parties involved in committing offences. Our findings and supporting evidence are compiled in forensic reports that can be used in institutional proceedings, civil or criminal proceedings in any court of law.

Litigation Support: Preparing parties responsible to deal with matters effectively, we prepare presentations and clarifications in forensic reports and supporting evidence, building evidence files to be used in further proceedings, case preparation, assessment of witness statements, and testimony in further proceedings.

Dispute Resolution: We maintain the peak standards of honesty, impartiality, integrity and confidentiality in representing and assisting clients to settle disputes through mediation, arbitration, comprehensive ADR processes and support services. All our services are cost-effective, user-friendly and legally enforceable.

Anti-Money Laundering Investigations: With regulatory and law enforcement scrutiny at an all-time high, our experts protect clients with the tools and expertise to prevent financial systems from misuse.
Combating the Financing of Terrorism: We support emerging market banks in understanding and adapting to new global standards of AML and CFT risk management, fully equipped to advise and train.

IT Audit: Our non-invasive IT audits guarantee efficient, timely and value-adding conclusion. We set the benchmark in secure data gathering, research, analytics and client communications that capitalise on in-house facilities and operators, systems and procedures that boost our stealth and depth of service.

Financial Crime Compliance: Staffed by expert advisors on internal operations of financial institutions, our Audit & Assurance team leverages their advanced data analytics and testing capabilities to identify programme weaknesses, root causes of FCC failures and sustainable solutions.